Life Lease

Meeting the challenges of the growing senior population in Barrie and surrounding Simcoe County

Life Lease Suites Victoria Village Barrie, Ontario

About Life Lease and Senior Residential Suites at Victoria Village

The Life Lease Suites at Victoria Village are meeting the challenges of the growing senior population in Barrie and surrounding Simcoe County. For seniors, the family home is now too large and costly to maintain. Good friends and family have moved away leaving less companionship and fewer neighbours to contact in the case of an emergency. Seniors who are looking for a housing option that reduces their worry and offers security and piece of mind in a community of shared values and lifestyles are turning to Life Lease Suites. The Victoria Village Life Lease Suites cater to these needs.

Life Lease is a newer way of "owning" a home although there is no financing available for a Life Lease. It compares to a long-term lease on a Suite, not a rental arrangement, and offers many advantages over home ownership. A Life Lease Suite is purchased at fair market value by the resident and gives him the exclusive right to occupy the suite and common facilities for as long as he desires or is able, while the owner Victoria Village Projects, maintains the right to control the future sale of the Life Lease interest in order to maintain the integrity of the building.

A Unique Investment Opportunity

When the Suite is no longer viable for the resident, it may be sold (at fair market value) or left in the resident's estate. The Life Lease Suite has the potential to earn a return on one's investment, similar to equity growth in a home. All this is accomplished without the worries and headaches of owning, maintaining and selling a home.

Monthly occupancy fees are paid to the owner and property taxes apply. The owner cares for all routine maintenance and landscaping. In the event that the resident is away for an extended period of time, they can rest assured that their suite is secure by the controlled access to the building.

For more information, please contact Pat at [email protected] or
705-728-3456 Ext. 221.

Seniors Residential Suites

Our Seniors Residential Suites units differ from our existing units as they provide residents with two chef prepared meals per day. Residents can maintain their independence without having to worry about grocery shopping or preparing their meals. Residents are able socialize in a beautiful glassed in indoor dining room, with outdoor service in nice weather that overlooks Queen’s Park.

Our Mission

Victoria Village is a vibrant community providing person-centred care with the goal of an individualized aging experience.

Our Vision

To transform our community by celebrating the ageless spirit of people.

Meal Plans

Victoria Village is excited to provide its Seniors Residential Suites with a meal plan. Meals are chef prepared in a state of the art kitchen. Tenants will have their meals served in a 1,100-sq. ft. spacious dining room with floor to celling windows. When the weather is nice, occupants can enjoy their meals outside on the 584-sq. ft. terrace.

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