Victoria Village is an incorporated, not for profit, charitable organization.

The front of the Victoria Village facility on a sunny day

About the Village

Victoria Village is a unique community located in the heart of Barrie that offers 57 Life Lease suites, 16 Senior Residential Suites, a 128 Long Term Care facility and commercial space that includes a Sports Medicine clinic, a café, a pharmacy specializing in geriatric care, law office, accounting office and various other community services.

Victoria Village is located on the old Royal Victoria Hospital site. When it was determined that Royal Victoria Hospital had outgrown its space, the City of Barrie saw a need to redevelop the property to support the increasing senior population. In 1997, Royal Victoria Hospital moved to its current location and the deed was transferred to the City of Barrie for $1.00.

In 2000, construction began on the 128 Long Term Care facility and 57 Life Lease Suites. On June 25th, 2003, Life Lease residents started moving into the building. In November 2003, Victoria Village Manor, the Long-Term Care facility opened. 

The City of Barrie occupied the second floor of our facility as an event space, but decided to no longer use the space due to lack of use. In 2013, it was decided that this unused space would be converted into 16 Senior Residential Suites. Residents began moving in February 2018.

Our Mission

Victoria Village is a vibrant community providing person-centred care with the goal of an individualized aging experience.

Our Vision

To transform our community by celebrating the ageless spirit of people.

Our History


'Long Term Care Committee' was developed to address the urgent need for long term care beds in Barrie. This committee was composed of health care professionals, long term care specialists and dedicated citizens throughout the region. They prepared a vision for the development of a much needed long term care facility to serve the City of Barrie and the surrounding region.


City Council recommended that the City of Barrie adopt the development of the Victoria Village project on the old Royal Victoria Hospital site. It was an opportunity to continue using the property for the betterment of the community, and to renew and reuse a valuable community asset. The property on which the older Royal Victoria Hospital was situated is rich in history. It had been the centre of the community's health care for over 100 years.


The City of Barrie Long Term Care Committee became the Victoria Village Board of Directors and was incorporated. The Royal Victoria Hospital moved to its Georgian Drive location and work began on clearing out the old hospital.


Approval was granted by the Province of Ontario to fund 128 long term beds at Victoria Village, and construction began in January of 2002.


Residents began moving into to the Life Lease building, a 57 unit residential complex on the Victoria Village site.


The building was officially opened and the first residents began moving into the Long Term Care facility, known as Victoria Village Manor.


The Community Centre began operation and the official public launch of the facility was attended by over two thousand, five hundred people!


Construction began on our 16 Senior Residential Suites.


Construction wrapped up on the Senior Residential Suites and residents began moving in.


Today, we are a unique community that holds 57 Life Lease Housing Units, 16 Senior Residential Suites, a 128 bed Long Term Care Facility with Hair Salon, Wellness Centre and Esthetic Services, Physical, Therapy Services, Ice Cream Parlour and Library, and Commercial Space including a Café, Pharmacy, Law Office, Accounting Office, Massage Therapy, and various other community organizations.

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